Victoria Goes To Johannesburg

Hello everyone,

I want to start this post off by saying thank you much for the support and the amazing response from my first blog post on my first six months as Cabin Crew, which you can read here. I just talk about what lead me to the job, and how I am finding it. So, again thank you for the love.

Two weeks ago I had a very welcomed roster change to JOHANNESBURG. Now, Johannesburg is an extremely sought after route by the Cabin Crew here at British Airways, and if you keep reading you’ll see why. The flight itself is operated on either a B747 ( one aircraft that I am licensed to operate ) and the A380. The flight time is just under 11 hours, and it’s a good 5620 miles down from Heathrow with a time difference of just one hour. As of this Autumn this route will be operating exclusively on the A380, which of course means those trained on the B747 will lose this destination as a route. Hence my JOY when I saw this route pop up on my roster.

I know a lot of people are interested in the role of Cabin Crew and what goes on behind the scenes. I am glad to share some insight to what we do, but obviously I can only divulge so much information. Prior to your flight we have a Pre Flight Briefing. This is to first of all meet who you will be flying with that day, both Cabin Crew and Flight Crew, and introduce ourselves to one another. Due to the size on our fleet,  we fly with a different group of people each time we fly,  most of the time. At British Airways we have around 20,000 Cabin Crew from around the world, operating from Heathrow, Gatwick, and overseas destinations such as Shanghai, Mumbai, and Beijing to name a few. During this briefing we are required to discuss certain aspects of safety and emergency procedures, the point of this being to test our knowledge and make sure that we are up to speed with anything current and what we are trained for. Same goes for medical incidents, and we work as a group to discuss a possible scenario that could occur on board. The point of this is to refresh our memories, and to ensure that we can get people from A to B  with the utmost level of safety.  We then discuss passenger profiles, numbers, and we are given our working positions on the aircraft. Then we swan through the airport like models to our plane as a team.


First things first. Food. We all opted to dine out in the evening , and a crew member recommended a restaurant called The Codfather. When I picture a restaurant called ‘The Codfather’ I have this image in my head of a fish and chip shop, with a sign that’s about to fall down. This place is rather fancy. It’s really modern inside, and it has the most amazing wine collection in a room that’s sort of off to the side. the wines are displayed behind panes of glass with a chandelier above, and a rather large dining table in the centre. I would imagine that this is to entice those party people sat on this table to buy more wine. I would. I am not lying when I say this, but this was the greatest meal that I’ve ever had in my entire life. If I had to pick one last meal, I would choose the Fillet Steak, with chips, peppercorn sauce, creamed spinach, and vegetables. It just took me ten minutes to write that because I’m reminiscing too much. The knife cut through the steak like a knife through butter. It was on another level. I would fly down to Johannesburg to have that for my dinner again. That’s how good it was. It had a great atmosphere, AMAZING food and not just steak, there was also seafood, and it was so well priced for what we ate. All I can do untilI get to dine here again is to just dream about it.

This is the website for this well liked restaurant of ours if you fancy a nice bit of meat.

Johannesburg is famous for its safari and animals. A BIG Crew favourite is an overnight safari with a company called Leopard Song. However, I snagged this trip really suddenly, so I hadn’t anticipated the opportunity to go, and I had pretty much blown my wage in Singapore earlier that month. Another crew member wanted to head to the Rhino and Lion reserve, and I was sold when she showed me photos of VERY FLUFFY baby animals.

I don’t reallyyyyy need to talk too much about this, because the photographs speak for themselves. I spent some time with a large kitty cat called Annabelle. I have to say that she was tame for a wild animal, and I don’t doubt for a second that this beautiful cheetah could have slashed my face in an instant, but as daft as this sounds, I just saw her as a bigger version of my cat at home. This gorgeous animal was basking away in the sun purring. She let me stroke her, ticked her ear and rubbed under her chin, and she was loving it. She ran off with Chloe’s bag, she was jumping up to use, and them she let me lay with her. I have the most incredible photo with her, and it is UP THERE with my all time favourite moments.


It dawned on me that not that many people know this, but we also fly around the Southern African region. British Airways is franchised out by an airline called Comair that use Johannesburg as a base to fly to destinations such as Victoria Falls, Durban,  Cape Town, Mauritius, etc. They use B737s to bus people around this region. It’s a great way to tie in other places if you feel like you can do Johannesburg in a couple of days. I am pretty darn keen on making a trip sometime to Victoria Falls, and Tanzania at some point in the near future, and I’ll certainly lay be taking advantage of this route to hop around parts of the African continent that I never dreamed of being able of seeing.

I do hope that you enjoyed reading about my time in JNB. Since our trips are short, we can only fit so much in to that space of time, maybe next time I’m there I can write about more cool places, but for now, I did the “usual” activities that crew do in this city.

Have you ever been to Johannesburg? Do you have anywhere that you can recommend if I visit again ? Let me know in the comments, andnin the meantime keep following my antics around the world!

Have a great week and weekend!

Victoria 🙂



14 thoughts on “Victoria Goes To Johannesburg

  1. Another really great post! I love reading about your experiences so far! It’s a fantastic job that allows you so many great opportunities! Johannesburg looks incredible and I can’t wait to visit myself! My dad has visited and he highly recommends the safari! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to go on one next time! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!

  2. I have worked in the travel industry, in addition to having family living in South Africa, of which I have visited 6/7 times since 1984. From my point of view and, without a shadow of a doubt it is a ” world in one country”. From the bustling city of Johannesburg, famous for the reef where gold was found to, the stunning beach resorts of Cape Town and Durban. In addition, the Drakensberg Mountains between Johannesburg and Durban are Magnificent, in particular, a resort known as Giants Castle, where drawings by Bushmen, can be found in the caves. South Africa is world famous for its wildlife with the Kruger National Park, a must for all visitors. A favourite of mine is the Biltong , which is meat that is not cooked but, cured in the sun, a favourite of miners in South Africa. For the fit and healthy, the Comrades Marathon, that is run every year, between Durban and Pietermaritzburg is a gruelling double marathon, in distance. For the wine connoisseur, South Africa is world renowned, for it’s award winning wines. The famous Table Mountain, in Cape Town is the backdrop to a stunning multicultural City. A short distance from here is Stellenbosch, the wine producing area of South Africa. Having travelled the world, South Africa without question is my undoubted favourite destination.

    1. Thank you for all of that information! I do love a good South African Shiraz you know. I have been to South Africa 3 times now, all short trips, amd I was lucky to go to stable Mountain on the clearest day! Hopefully I get to Cape Town soon to write about that 😌

      1. I have never been to Cape Town but, is on my list of places to visit. Another fantastic Game reserve is, the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This reserve can be visited from Victoria Falls. I wish you every success in your travel career Victoria and, can guarantee, that the best is in front of you. Take care and God Bless.

        1. That’s so lovely of you to say. Honestly blows my mind the assurance that people are giving me about what the future has in store. I have some amazing photographs from Cape Town. Hoping I’ll be there during th summer to appreciate it more 🙂

  3. Hi Victoria ,
    nice trip and great you have lots of free time
    But are you so proud to pay to play with little cubs ? Do you know they are drugged to make customers like you happy ? This is Worse then circus

    1. Hi,
      I have been made aware of the caning industry since this post by someone who address me properly. I can also assure you that these animals weren’t drugged as they were jumping and playing and playing around. You have your opinions, and the way you’ve directed this to me is very condescending. As I said, a friend of mine has raised this issue with me in the proper manner, but thanks for assuming that this gives me satisfaction 👍🏼

  4. Saved your blog for my flight today, and was worth the wait.
    Impressive, interesting, factual and educational.
    In my days travelling the world with BA/IAG I only ever saw hotels and people in suits, you’ve certainly made the most of your stayover.
    Clearly enjoying your job, and all the opportunities it offers.
    Good for you.
    Showed it to jnr, and she loved it.
    A dream of hers to do your job one day, as it would be of any child that reads your blog.
    Jnr wont get the chance do be cabin crew, but still dreams of working for BA, and has since she was 3, when she first started flying, getting escorted by BA crews around the UK and europe.
    Looking forward to the next instalment,

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  6. Hi I have been following you on Twitter and insta and love reading about your experiences and love the enthusiasm and energy that you have for your job.
    I note in your blog you say there are certain things that you cannot discuss !
    Are these security details or BA secrets ?

    1. Hi there, thank you for following my journey around, well everywhere. To answer your question, as much as it may seem robotic of me to not answer things, they are in fact a serious breach of safety and security should I divulge certain information so publicly. I guess the secrets and security details go hand in hand to an extent, but it comes down to safety. I hope I explained that well enough for you, Vic 🙂

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